Saturday, April 14, 2018

Friday, April 13, 2018

Promo Video For The Marley Cup by King Yellowman

King Yellowman and his extremely talented daughter K’Reema doin’ their thing live and direct at the Marley Cup. @_k_reema @_king_yellowman
Photos courtesy of @edb3030 (Ed Brantley Photography)
#MoreStrength #MarleyCup #UhHuh

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Download The Dubplates' Star Dubs EP. It's a tribute to one of our favorite fantasy movies.


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It's been a while!!

I have been neglecting my own blog for the past few years because I have been spending time building my own brand and making history with The Dubplates Band. I intend to post more music and info at this address! I'll still be all over social media, but this will be my home base. Music is life, that's why our hearts have BEATS. ;-)