Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Some declarations from me and my bottle of Wood Chuck Cider…..

1. Guys that point at the camera and pull a make-believe trigger are lame.
2. Beyonce is overrated
3. Biggie wasn’t the “greatest” MC of all time. That MC doesn’t exist.
4. Lil Wayne is gay for kissing another guy on the lips…and he’s overrated.
5. Funerals have little to do with the deceased.
6. Women are socialized to hate each other.
7. Talk radio is to journalism what pro wrestling is to sports.
8. Rationalization is more addictive than crack.
9. The music industry as we know it is dying…and that’s a good thing
10. Control of anger, sexual desire, money, food, and sleep will guarantee success.
11. Dumbed down is what the masses like.
12. Janet Jackson can’t sing
13. Michael Jackson lip-synched his “concerts” since 1987.
14. Mariah Carey, Beyonce, and R. Kelly all lip-synch “in concert”
15. Stevie Wonder needs to have his head shaven BALD…let it go man!
16. Religion has always been political.
17. Mainstream rap is homoerotic and misogynistic. (see # 4)
18. Prisons are BIG BUSINESS.
19. Some “churches” are BIG BUSINESS
20. I enjoy creating cognitive dissonance in others.
21. Most guys who work out do it to impress women or other men…not for health reasons.
22. All “holy” books should be free
23. The “Willie Lynch” letter is NOT REAL.
24. Money is abstract.
25. BET = Garbage
26. People are truly not ready to have an honest dialogue about race in this country.
27. Music has energy…we need to be careful what we allow our young people to hear.
28. Polygamy makes more sense than a “baby daddy” with 3 or 4 “baby mamas”.
29. People who have to buys lots of shiny things are dim within.
30. Women who crave diamonds make me cringe. Diamonds are not a scarce as they would like you to believe….and people are dying for them.
31. Most people are comfortable being lied to as long as their way of life isn't compromised.
32. Boys are just as sensitive as girls, but are socialized to “not cry”…these emotions manifest themselves in other ways.
33. Michael Jackson was mentally ill.
34. Many people are confused when asked if they believe in pre-destination or free will.
35. Drug dealers are rodents who should be destroyed.
36. Not everyone that doesn’t like you is jealous of you.
37. People who judge their success based on the ill will of others are childish.
38. Incest happens WAY MORE than most people realize.
39. People who call others “haters” for criticizing something lack emotional range and critical thinking skills.
40. Girls are often socialized to “barter” sex for “stuff”.
41. There is a HUGE double standard when it comes to boys & girls and their sexual behavior. A boy “sews his oats” and the girl is “fast”.
42. A man knows what type of woman he will marry even if he doesn’t consciously know it.
43. Reality shows are LAZY and lack creativity
44. They lip-synch on American Idol
45. Technology is actually making us dumber.
46. Condoms don’t protect you from EVERYTHING.
47. God is too big to fit into one religion.
48. I’m sure that Tyler Perry means well, but his methods hark back to minstrel shows.
49. Instead of focusing on how smart kids are, we should think about HOW they’re smart.
50. The War on Drugs was a joke.