Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Joker is a philosopher....

We just saw "The Dark Knight" and I must say that we enjoyed it. This summer they did everything right with superheroes. The Heath Ledger did an amazing job as "The Joker". I have a funny feeling that "The Joker" will move more merchandise than "Batman" this Halloween. "The Joker" has a twisted yet very intelligent personality that will appeal to the anarchist in all of us. It could be argued that he has a "super sanity" instead of "insanity" in order to cope with his little known past and his surroundings. Go see the movie and THINK about some of the things that "The Joker" says. He's not a typical villain. His motives aren't as tangible as most (this makes him an even better villain).

Best Rapper Alive?

Are these people serious? I remember when Rolling Stone & Time magazine were actually relevant (and in touch with reality)...I can think of at least 50 other rappers better than Wayne and they're all alive. This is some related news
Golf Digest is declaring the best Public Enemy album.
MAD magazine is doing a special on the best Hemingway novels.
Tech Weekly will be listing the greatest Blues Guitarists Of ALL-TIME.

Here are 30 LIVING MCs that Wayne couldn't touch even if he stood next no particular order off the top of my head.

1. Chuck D.
2. Rakim
3. Big Daddy Kane
4. Black Thought (of the Roots)
5. Jean Grae
6. Lady Of Rage
7. Nas
8. Canibus
9. Lauryn Hill
10. GZA
11. Method Man
12. Redman
13. Busta Rhymes
14. Common
15. MC Lyte
16. Brother J (of X-Clan)
17. Sean Price
18. LL Cool J
19. Paris
20. Mos Def
21. Ice Cube
22. Snoop Dogg
23. Andre 3000
24. Slick Rick
25. Jay- Z
26. Eminem
27. Scarface
28. K-OS
29. Grand Puba
30. Lupe Fiasco

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Pet Peeves

In no particular are a few things/people that tick me off.

1. People that use the term "reverse racism".
2. People who argue about a topic without a decent historical context.
3. Anyone who has no clue about Prince's music outside of "Purple Rain"
4. Anyone who thinks that rock n roll started with Elvis.
5. Lil' Wayne
6. Flavor Flav
7. Dubya
8. Anyone that refers to pro wrestling as "fake". It's SCRIPTED people.
9. Black women with blonde hair.
10. Fans at shows who ask me to do "Red Red Wine".
11. Rush Limbaugh
12. Faux News
13. People who confuse Patriotism with Xenophobia (see numbers 11 & 12).
14. Southern Belles (they're pretentious and annoying).
15. People who use profane language in public places where children are present.
16. BET/ MTV
17. People who don't like to read.
18. People with little or no regard for my time.
19. People who practice conspicuous consumption.
20. Anyone that actually believes that the New York Jets and Washington Redskins deserve to be in the NFL. The NFL would be so much better without those oxygen thieves.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

July 4th

Jesse Helms is dead....I'll just say that. -Papa Robbie

CNN is reporting that North Carolina Senator Jesse Helms passed away at the tender age of 86. Here’s a short list of people who died on that most American of U.S. holidays (other than Jefferson and Adams):

1. Bob Ross

You know him as: PBS instructional painter, creator of happy trees and their little friends.

Surprising facts (other than the one about him dying on the 4th): The ultra-mellow Ross picked up painting when he was in the Air Force. He was also pretty financially savvy- he turned his public broadcasting show into a multi-million dollar cash cow by selling how-to books and branded art supplies.

2. Hannibal Hamlin

You know him as: VP to Abraham Lincoln. Or maybe you don’t.

Surprising facts: Despite only lasting one term with Lincoln, and playing a quiet role in the White House, the Republican from Maine did urge the creation of the Emancipation Proclamation. He also supported arming African Americans during the Civil War.

3. Charles Kuralt

You know him as: American journalist, well known for his “On the Road” segments.
Surprising facts: He was good friends with John Steinbeck, and was heavily inspired by Travels with Charlie. Even stranger: Salon claims that he had a mistress and a second family that he hid in Montana, which would explain all that extra time on the road. Savvy readers can judge for themselves.

4. Barry White

You know him as: Singer, songwriter, general soundtrack for romantic nights/probable inspiration for your younger sibling.
Surprising facts: According to Wikipedia, the Sultan of Soul was jailed at 17 for stealing $30,000 Cadillac tires. Even stranger, he apparently had a life-changing moment in prison when he heard Elvis crooning “It’s Now or Never,” and decided to go straight. He was also supposedly offered the role of Chef on South Park, but turned it down because of the crass humor.