Saturday, July 19, 2008

Best Rapper Alive?

Are these people serious? I remember when Rolling Stone & Time magazine were actually relevant (and in touch with reality)...I can think of at least 50 other rappers better than Wayne and they're all alive. This is some related news
Golf Digest is declaring the best Public Enemy album.
MAD magazine is doing a special on the best Hemingway novels.
Tech Weekly will be listing the greatest Blues Guitarists Of ALL-TIME.

Here are 30 LIVING MCs that Wayne couldn't touch even if he stood next no particular order off the top of my head.

1. Chuck D.
2. Rakim
3. Big Daddy Kane
4. Black Thought (of the Roots)
5. Jean Grae
6. Lady Of Rage
7. Nas
8. Canibus
9. Lauryn Hill
10. GZA
11. Method Man
12. Redman
13. Busta Rhymes
14. Common
15. MC Lyte
16. Brother J (of X-Clan)
17. Sean Price
18. LL Cool J
19. Paris
20. Mos Def
21. Ice Cube
22. Snoop Dogg
23. Andre 3000
24. Slick Rick
25. Jay- Z
26. Eminem
27. Scarface
28. K-OS
29. Grand Puba
30. Lupe Fiasco

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