Saturday, July 12, 2008

Pet Peeves

In no particular are a few things/people that tick me off.

1. People that use the term "reverse racism".
2. People who argue about a topic without a decent historical context.
3. Anyone who has no clue about Prince's music outside of "Purple Rain"
4. Anyone who thinks that rock n roll started with Elvis.
5. Lil' Wayne
6. Flavor Flav
7. Dubya
8. Anyone that refers to pro wrestling as "fake". It's SCRIPTED people.
9. Black women with blonde hair.
10. Fans at shows who ask me to do "Red Red Wine".
11. Rush Limbaugh
12. Faux News
13. People who confuse Patriotism with Xenophobia (see numbers 11 & 12).
14. Southern Belles (they're pretentious and annoying).
15. People who use profane language in public places where children are present.
16. BET/ MTV
17. People who don't like to read.
18. People with little or no regard for my time.
19. People who practice conspicuous consumption.
20. Anyone that actually believes that the New York Jets and Washington Redskins deserve to be in the NFL. The NFL would be so much better without those oxygen thieves.

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