Sunday, September 06, 2009

The Washington Redskins

I will never understand why anyone with a HINT of historical knowledge would ever pull for a team called the Washington "Redskins"....It's bad enough that a racial slur towards Native Americans is okay as long as it's an NFL team according to fans, but the fact that it was the LAST NFL franchise to integrate (after PRESSURE from other team owners) makes the whole organization stink in my eyes. Ironically the team is the only team so far to win a Superbowl with an African-American quarterback (Doug Williams)... Okay, so the old racist owner is long dead and now a Jewish guy owns the team....does he change the name? Of course not...because longtime fans wouldn't approve if he ever tried to do something like that. The history of the franchise and name of the team disgust me and anyone who knows that history and still pulls for a team with a degrading name like that needs to look deep into's not "just" a name. I hope the franchise never wins another game. That's just my opinion.

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