Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Fans' questions answered

I've decided to answer some of the questions that I get repeatedly before/during/after my shows. I'm just going to lay them out in no particular order. When people ask me somethin', I'll send them to this blog.

1. No, I'm not from Jamaica, not every reggae artist is Jamaican.
2. No, I don't smoke marijuana...not every reggae artist smokes marijuana.
3. Yes, congratulations on discovering Bob Marley's Legend CD...No, I'm not covering
any of his songs.
4. Yes, I write my own lyrics and I'm not gonna do "that Sean Paul song".
5. Bob Marley didn't "invent" reggae.
6. I don't wear locks because I'm not a rasta. No, most reggae artists aren't rastas.
7. Yes, hip-hop evolved from reggae.
8. Yes, Shaggy is really Jamaican (spend some time in Brooklyn or Miami).
9. Your time an a cruise ship or at a resort in the caribbean doesn't make you an
expert on "caribbean culture"
10. Yes, Gullah is a language.
11. You must ask my bass player before you touch his locks.
12. Yes, you can dance with me...just keep it clean.

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