Tuesday, November 07, 2006

YouTube Bans HipHop Video

NY Oil Calls for Negative Rappers to be Lynched-Video Gets Banned
by Davey D

There's a video put out by Staten Island native NY Oil that has set off a lot of controversy and for good reason. Here the upstart rapper goes for the jugular vein by calling for the lynching of rap stars who he feels are spreading negativity and poison to the community. In the controversial video NY Oil shows images of Jim Jones, Foxxy Brown and Lil Jon to name a few and talks about why they need to go.

According to NY Oil the video was recently pulled by You Tube because of it's inflammatory content. What makes this so crazy is that You Tube didn't pull the Ras Kass video where he threatens Game and is shown spitting bullets and brandishing a shot gun.

Anyway NY Oil has been making lots of noise and his banning is reminiscent of the KMD Black Bastards controversy from way back in 1994 where Elektra Records shelved the album due to its Black nationalist content and controversial cover art which shows a Sambo figure being lynched. The album was finally released without much fanfare and hoopla in 2001.

You can peep the video from NY Oil here:

As you peep the video and think upon the words keep in mind all the other banning incidents the music industry gate keepers have enacted. For example, Paris had his Sleeping with the Enemy album pushed back till after the 1992 election because he had a song on their called 'Bush Killer' where he called for the assassination of then President George Bush Sr.

Paris set things off in August of that year when he premeired the song in front of 22 thousand people at KMEL's sold out Summer jam concert and announced that he planned to influence the election with that album. Not only was Paris' album pushed back, but he also received a visit from the Secret Service.

Paris also ran into trouble with MTV when he put out his video for the song 'Break the Grip of Shame' and he showed a picture of Guns and Roses singer Axl Rose next to a picture of Tom Metzger who headed up the Aryan Nation. Paris noted that Axl had called someone a nigger and he wanted to respond with a message of his own.

Around the time paris was going through drama, Brand Nubian and Ice Cube's Lench Mobb were running into banning problems. Brand Nubian in one of their videos was pulled because they were shown burning an American flag, while the Lench Mobb caught heat for chasing and beating police officers.

In more recent days we seen Kanye West get censored in the song 'All Falls Down'. many radio stations and video outlets bleep out the word 'white man' after Kanye recites that drug trafficking and other social ills that impact the hood are things where 'A White man gets paid from that'.

Jadakiss saw his reference to George Bush bleeped out in the song 'Why' when he asks 'Did Bush knock down the towers.

Of course we saw what happened last month when comedian Paul Mooney got canned from a gig he had with Time Warner after he referred to Bush's daughters as 'Gin and Juice'.

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Jackson said...

Paul Mooney is plain funny. Gin and Juice - that's some funny shit.

NY Oil is right, of course, and a nice banning never hurt anybody in the long run.